History of the Diabetes Self-Help Group


 Who can join

  • If you are suffering from Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2

  • If you are on a tablet or insulin

  • If you are diagnosed with Borderline Diabetes

  • If a family member carries Diabetes therefore, you are at high risk

  • A carer of someone who is a Diabetic patient

  • General public, who would like more information on Diabetes



What we do

  • The aim is to share our personal experiences on diet, exercise and lifestyle in relation to Diabetes.

  • We invite health professionals, who attend our group meetings and offer advice, information and guidance on health and looking after yourself.

  • We discuss various different areas of health in the group meetings every week, such as: Diet, Stress, Exercising, Self-management.

  • We carry out activities, both indoor and outdoors, such as: local trips, picnics. Also, social activities, such as ‘Jewellery making’ and educational, such as: learning about health and well-being.


Get involved!

  • By offering your time or expertise by volunteering and helping us fundraise.

  • Donating – We require donation to expand our service and grow, to make people aware of diabetes within the community.

  • Suggestions in health events, sponsoring and marketing.